Life changes happen both expected and unexpected creating transitions. Events like accepting a new job, relocating, family affairs or even self improvements evoke traits of underlying strength. The transition we make aren’t always easy or favorable but we manage. But in all honesty, some situations are just easier to take on than others. Dealing with change will definitely challenge your core but it shouldn’t knock you off!


Be Bold by standing firm on your beliefs. Faith, standards, dreams, desires, the things that give you hope day after day. Allow them to inspire/will you. Be confident so opportunities aren’t missed. Remembering you hold all the facts. Sure you may bounce an idea off someone but you hold the details. Own your situation for a more simplified transition.

Be Brave, courageous in pursuits. David Foster Wallace once said, “Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it.” What prints are you leaving behind? As transition occurs we should focus on things within our control, our attitude. I know it sounds cliche’ but it’s true! We leave impressions everywhere. Embrace your placement and gain what you need. Don’t allow fear to disguise the beauty in your position. Forever won’t last...

Be beautifully you!!! As women, we're uniquely designed. The details are far beyond comprehension. The beauty concealed in each of us is contagious! I understand people may not see you as qualified or deserving however God sees far more than the human eye could ever envision. Understand your value! Don’t allow others to place a value on you. You’re beautifully crafted with distinct purpose. Every flaw and poise is meant for use.

Whether your change be self stimulated or circumstances beyond your control remember, BeBold.BeBrave.BeBeautiful.

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