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Authenticity is a trait many would say you either have or you don’t. Rarely do we leave room for something to exist in the middle. The opposite of being authentic is fake, untrue, phony, or false. To be authentic you embrace vulnerability. Typically, you’re honest with yourself and others about views and beliefs. Do you consider yourself authentic?

Personally, I was guilty of believing a person is either authentic or not AND I’m guilty of not always being my true authentic self. What I’ve learned is that people practice authenticity and because we’re human, we have moment when being our true authentic self is just scary/uncomfortable/boring! Why is it so hard to be our true selves? Are we afraid of the discomfort it may cause, someone else?

As a woman, authenticity plays a huge role in how we love, communicate, parent, lead, teach, etc. It impacts every area of our lives.

True Authentic Self

Over the years I’ve recognize times when I wasn’t my true authentic self. Now, I can always tell when I’m not being genuine. I get very uncomfortable and quickly try to find ways to fit (so exhausting). One of the most liberating things I’ve discovered, “fitting in” is a tell-tell sign of discomfort and I’m dwelling where I shouldn’t. Have you meet your true authentic self?

Authenticity is more than being open and sharing personal beliefs, it’s also about self-acceptance and awareness too! Sometimes we’re so far removed from our core we lose the essence of who we really are making it hard to accept self. But, because we’re uniquely crafted with purpose, both strengths and weaknesses fuel authenticity. As we become aware of self, we’re better able to practice authenticity.

Authenticity is a practiced behavior.

It’s learned and intentional!

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