Brand Image: Understanding More About Your Brands Perception.

Do you ever see people become their brand? Meaning when you see them you automatically think of their business or something about their branding efforts.

Brand image is the impression held by others about your brand. In this post you'll better understand how your brand is viewed by others and tools to help create a solid brand image.

Customer perception of your brand is based on their interaction. No purchase necessary! Curating the right brand personality, voice and brand positioning are the efforts of the way a customer interacts with and perceives your brand. Why is this important? According to, 64% say that shared value is the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand. The quality of your interactions matter more more than quantity.

How To Build A Brand Image? The most important factor to building a brand image is knowing what you stand for. Fully understanding why you offer products and services. While this may seem like a basic question: the answer should be packed with substance! Becoming familiar with the underlying reason why your brand exists is the first step in creating a brand image.

Your Mission, Vision and Values. Is your brand clearly defined? Marketing efforts often begin with a solid knowledge of your business mission statement/vision/values. From this stance, you cultivate an image, featuring your brands attributes or using unique factors about your brand to connect with your consumers. In other words, you must win the heart of your audience!

How Can I Tell My Brand Image Is Effective? Creating ways to measure your brands perception is needed when wanting to gauge your audience and better understand where you stand as a brand. Surveys, testimonials and review will help you achieve this. However, surveys give you more autonomy. For example, you can establish a baseline to monitor change, understand if brand building activities are effective and make changes to your brand strategy to address opportunities for improvement (

Customers perception is first hand proof of how well your brand image is connecting with others. Remaining consistent with a clear brand stance will influence what others think of your brand. Lastly, establishing a measurement tool to monitor your efforts will help improve your brand image!

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Happy Branding!!

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