GRATITUDE: “In Due Time”

Gratitude is an absolute in all seasons! In fact, a gracious heart should be recognized in each encounter. We should observe gratitude in all that we do, see, touch and hear. When we are able to see what we have as enough the appetite for “things” are weakened. Your perspective is then deepened, cultivating a spirit of gratefulness!

Have you ever wanted something but somehow understood, in due time? However you begin to grow anxious. You ration with yourself, calculating why it’s ok for you to go ahead and indulge. After a few ego strokes you’ve convinced yourself and you’re off satisfying anxious desires. Ultimately forcing connections in temporal circumstances.

Gratitude is thankfulness! It’s taking what you have and appreciating it, as is. Forcing connections in temporal circumstances is an indication of pride. It screams ungratefulness and is a quick way to lose your core. Satisfaction and contentment dwell in grateful spirits! Cultivating gratitude raises consciousness and perspective on things that really matter in life, now!

Those “in due time” happenings can only materialize when we aren’t so eager to fill our energy with temporal things to appease our discomfort, lack of patience & self-control. Practice gratitude and embrace your placement!


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