Life…What does life mean to you?

Life…What does life mean to you? For many, life equates to love, family, friends, spirituality, work, money, triumphs, accomplishments, birth & death etc. How do you define your life? For me life can be summed up as love, harmonious connections & freedoms. Although I’m aware of my beliefs it isn’t always easy to stay centered. When conceptualizing this thought, life has no respect of person. Life has a way of offering the good, bad & ugly. Believe me no matter your social class, credentials, ideas, appearance, or race if fortunate or unfortunate, you’ll experience all three.

Whatever centers your life it’s important to remember your ideologies as you maneuver day to day. I have three tips to keep you in line with your truth:

1. Stay true to your truth. Once you’ve discovered the things that keep you routed hang on to them. The amazing fact about reaching your truth is it’s YOURS! So no compromising. Conforming to another idea will only hurt you in the long run. I look at it as a temporary fix. But if you continue to grasp at the personal beliefs no matter what you’ll come back to those initial principals.

2. Less judgmental. Everyone has their very own beliefs. Some we may understand and some we won’t. Truth of the matter is it isn’t my place nor yours to understand others plights and beliefs. A dangerous way to be thrown off your core is to judge others. To try and make an understanding of something or someone that has nothing to do with you is fatal. Staying in your lane focusing on self is more beneficial and less detrimental to the balance in your life.

3. Embrace your truth. The human body will naturally respond to the many layers life has. When experiencing these time, lean on the things that give YOU life and less time on those that suck life from you.

I hope these points will offer insight and encouragement for you in your life!

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