Like Feature On Instagram Going Away

Yep, you heard me right! released an article earlier this week about the social media giants making some changes to the platform. With mental health concerns on the rise in the US, the forward thinking strategist believe removing the like feature on Instagram. So much so this new matrixes is being tested in 7 other countries, including Canada. This is IGs way of staying woke during the mental health war with social media. I think it’s brilliant, nice way of building authenticity amongst followers and those sharing. In the business world, this can be fleeting. It definitely challenges current social media trends like engagement. I manage several social media accounts and I'm always watching trends. I always wonder what prompts someone to engage in a posting. Photos are extremely likable! I remember posting an image on IG account; it received likes in no time. I made a post on another account and got only 2 like!! But, I also received comments! COMMENTS!! Turns out, I prefer comments over likes. Likes are great but according to comments are more desirable than likes and should be used as an equivalent measurement tool as the like feature. Check out these tips to gaining more comments on you feed!

1. Ask your audience to engage in the comments.

2. Post something funny, surprising or provocative (High Arousal Emotion)

3. Post Videos

4. Use relevant #Hashtags

5. Publish at the right time

6. Post photos of people

7. Post photos of animals

8. Respond to comments on a post

9. Using emojis to create an eye catching caption

10.Post frequently

These are recommendation only! I believe these trends change often and always. If you committed to 2-3 of these will be beneficial. But overall remaining flexible, consistent and authentic through your sharing will get you results!

So how do you determine trends and engagement in your business? Let us know!

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