Maximizing Your Seasons: Embrace your placement.

Seasons in life, both good and bad, can cause extreme conflict. When conflict linger, we risk missing out on opportunities to grow, develop, and/or mature. Much like the four seasons represented in a calendar year, life seasons promote change and specify conditions. They also produce order and an chance for preparation. Our seasons have the ability to drive out (or in) complacency. Maximize the seasons in your life by embracing your placement!


Surrendering to your season is ultimate truth. Accepting your role and the desire to seek differently will warrant peace. Peace is an ingredient needed when our placements are grey. Peace during this time is always a blessing. It's beautiful and vital during transitions. We often times look at our situations sizing them up to our current placement and we become stagnant. When we surrender we create a space of solitude and growth!


Transition happens in all seasons typically adding or subtracting thing(s) from our lives. Embrace It! As I often say, forever won’t last. Maximize your circumstance by embracing your placement; going forth in Love and preparation. First, being kind to yourself and others. Secondly, preparation. Preparation requires making room for your life to grow. Similar to spring cleaning, our lives are consumed with so many things. Their cluttered with items that prohibits growth, fulfillment, and blessings. Discard baggage (meaning persons, places, and/or attitudes & behaviors) and center your energy to positive vibes only. Eliminating distractions and soul sucking activities.


As women, we must learn to become intentional in our encounters. Every circumstance, our interactions, they hold value! Don’t risk experiencing unhealthy patterns during different seasons in life by moving aimlessly. Take an intentional approach in every season. Don’t merely go from season to season without identifying the correlations. Adverse circumstances will seem like a life time but remember seasons are temporal. Your season to fulfill purpose will come and you want to be ready!

Seasons in life are inevitable but we can get through them. Embrace your placement today in preparation for your next season!!!

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