Need A Boost...Recharge

Life often happens at rapid speed. We're so busy! Everyone has at least three things going on at once. Think about it...The many hats worn day after day can cause exhaustion making it easy to loose balance. If things become overwhelming causing extreme tiredness, withdrawal or mood changes it's time to recharge.

As things become so grey and you find yourself questioning graces, it's time to redirect your energy!

You: Self accountability is in order. You're the CEO of your life. As we pour into other, remember to invest in self too. Self care is key. Without you being functional, life becomes miserable for everyone. Acknowledge and own your weaknesses but pull from your strengths. Understand seasons are temporal.

Recharge: Every day you have to recharge, Mind.Body.Spirit. So you should develop personal habits, routines. Things that will keep you going day to day; prayer, meditation, working out and/or a hobby. Find something you control and totally manage regardless of life circumstances. Create patterns in your life that will center you.

The Chop Method: Create a list of all outstanding items, things you want to get done, or whatever's inhaling your energy. From your list, work three items at time. Only 3! According to Franklin Covey, giving your energy to only 3 things at once propose a higher success rate. So when deciding which 3 areas to focus, keep it realistic. You're looking for small victories to keep the momentum going. Visit the list often and set completion dates. This will serve as useful, aiding overall progression.

In short, self care is key. Own your experiences and make the best of them. They won't last forever (good and bad).

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