Road Trip!! Mom + Son

Hmmm so traveling with a toddler is pretty FUN; right? I’ve read some pretty impressive stories about traveling with a toddlers. I applaud each of you. You are creative and proven!! Although TJ and I traveled some distance before, he was a lot younger at the time. Today, TJ really doesn’t like traveling in the car for any extended period of time. He will always take his shoes and socks off; no matter what. Of course plays with the hundreds of toys in the backseat of my car. He enjoys tabby (tablet) as well. Snack, etc. but he’s always soooo uncomfortable. He wasn’t feeling it at all! So much so, he’ll fall asleep a good portion of the time. Whew...So I’ve been talking to other moms (and dads) about tips and hacks for road trips; travel in general. Here’s what they said...

#1 Games! Bring activities to promote self entertainment. Like simple art projects, sorting or matching games.

#2 Are you crazy! I wold wait until you kid is a little older. Just saying…

#3 Don’t Push It! Pace your trip and schedule time out of the car.

#4 Oh definitely screen time! Electronics are essential. You’ll that me later.

#5 New Toys. Inexpensive items that’ll grab your little ones attention for sometime. Budget $5-$10 purchasing new toys from stores like the Dollar Tree.

#6 Snacks. Pack plenty of snakes for your excursion. Don’t use this time to try new foods.

#7 BOOKS! All the favorites and then some. Create a mini library.

#8 Make it worth while. How can you make the most of your road trip. Be sure to include sight seeing and other adventures along your way. Don’t get tunnel vision, staying in the car all day.

#9 Nap Time Travel. Consider leaving at night or before nap-time. Definitely leave at night if traveling a long distance.

#10 Create a playlist. Does your child like specific songs? Make a playlist sharing songs that you both like and vibe with. This is my favorite bonding activity for a car ride!

I’m not sure the true antidote for in car travel but everyone has their own blend of just enough meeting their family needs. I know we’ll continue figuring out and take it one trip at a time. What are some tips & hacks you’ve tried over the years to help your family out when traveling in a car with a toddler and young children.

Here are a few more picture of our car travel to the aquarium.

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