Stop moving: Reflections

Learning new concepts and growth are such beautiful experiences. But, do you ever stop to reflect on new things gathered? Like seriously...

Let’s talk!

I know for me, learning new theories and discovery are so exciting! I get all anxious and quickly start to think about how the information gathered can be applied. For example, I’m reading this book entitled "The Gift of Imperfections". I believe the models introduced in the reading are innovative and audacious! I’m already exploring the research behind the topics to see if further application could be used. My logic, it seems practical enough and it satisfies my desire for continuous development and growth.

Is my reasoning enough? When our senses become activated does that justify an immediate response?

The pressure of society, peers, and strangers present a false sense of worthiness if your desires aren’t met and you’re left unsatisfied. Lies! As women we must embrace our placement, meaning being accountable in our roles as new concepts and growth happen. Reflection is key!


When taking time to reflect we should welcome transparency. This will better help identify areas (personal inventory) of use and/or possible corrective tools when learning new concepts. When we are honest and authentic with ourselves we’re able to make wholehearted decisions.

Intentional Movement

There are a slew of theories that provoke action but the silver lining in incorporating new things is our movement that follows; How we decide to adopt new things or discard the ideas introduced. An intentional approach or movement requires accountability. Not just simply fitting things in (or taking things away) as desired but taking time to evaluate all aspects. We have to ask ourselves the tough questions like, is this really my lesson or correction to adopt or am I just anxious and want to take hold of anything I can to sustain me for the moment?`

Prayer & Meditation

The book mentioned in the opening was an example of learning new ideas and the desire for application. But let’s delve deeper! Consider ideas or concepts that directly impact our environment; family, job, health, or social acceptance. Is reflection truly considered or are hasty decisions being made? Prayer and meditation are the cords established to drive our senses it is the core of reflection! Proverbs 3:6 gives insight to movement expressing, in all your dealings acknowledge Him and He will give direction.

Only when we welcome transparency and are intentional in our movement through prayer and meditation can we truly bask in new concepts and growth!


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